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Justin Bieber made a them for Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber will participate in the program Saturday Night Live and that present their new album Acoustic, Believe. Bieber's tactic to thrill the beliebers worked and is a perfect opportunity to promote this album Acoustic that premiered on January 29 and will remind the new songs. The titles of these new songs are "Yellow Raincoat" and "I would" are new songs that have never before heard. I tell you one tidbit, assumes that the song "Yellow Raincoat" can possibly try to Selena Gomez. Reportedly, Selena was seen using a yellow rain jacket bone one yellow raincoat and then did this rumor. That remains to be seen when we can finally hear the song and do not know if this was part of her performance on Saturday Night Live where for the second time to participate as a presenter and clearly no lack of comedic performances that artists tend to do in this program.

  • Duration: 02:51