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Luh Tyler - Change My Wayz [Official Music Video]

[Intro] (I'd really like to use cash) (Alijah4k on the beat) [Verse] I told all my haters bye, I told them hundreds hello They like how I play it smooth, say I'm a clever fellow I got my nigga living lavish, he came from the ghetto I told my bro to stand tall like he got on stilettos Stackin' up like Legos I got money now, so bitches acting like they prego' Getting racks like Melo Know I got to stay on ten, I got to keep my head on She mad cause I done fucked her friend, she like, “You know you dеad wrong” Damn, I gotta change my ways Now it's sixty on my neck, remеmber my chains was fake (Ice, ice) 'Member back when times were hard, we prayed for better days But now I'm gettin' paid Now I'm bringin' home them racks, I'm fillin' up the safe Now I make like thirty bands, that's just to rock the stage I cut her off, now she on Instagram, she posting pictures listening to Rod Wave Man, ain't that a shame? She done showed me all her love, but I still did her wrong (Mm-mm-mm) Even though I always try my best to do her right I always end up fuckin' up, girl, we ain't lastin' long I swear my brodie always keep it tucked, yeah, he gon' blast the chrome My niggas love it when I tell the plug to go and ship them P's My bitches love it when I take 'em home and fuck 'em to my songs (On God, it's no cap, no hat, real shit) Yeah, that's just how it be Niggas tryna ride my wave, I’m tryna ride the beat Bad bitch put on my scuba suit, I'm finna dive in deep Say you got paper, I believe in what my eyes can see For that money, I be fiendin', man, I swear I need it They didn't think that I could do it, but I beat the odds Biggest Ski, bitch, I'm the MVP, I think I'm undefeated (Ski)

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