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Disney's Friends For Change - MAKE A WAVE (Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato) Official Music video w/ LYRICS

Featuring Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. From the upcoming Disney movie Oceans. SUBSCRIBE for more videos! ~LYRICS~ Joe : they say the beat of a butterflies wings can set off a storm in the world away Demi : what if the ride in the smallest things can power the strongest hurricane Joe : what if it all begins inside Demi : we hold the key to turn the tide Both : just a pebble in the water Demi : ooh Demi : can set the sea in motion Demi : ooh Both : a simple act of kindness Demi: ohh Both : can stir the widest ocean if we show a little love heaven knows what we could change oh yeah so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave make a wave Demi : the single joy's to take and stand Joe : you touch your hand with someone in need (help somebody) Demi : don't fool yourself and say you can't Joe : you never know what can grow from just one seed Demi : yeahhh so come with me and seize the day this world may never be the same Demi : make a wave yea yea yea yea yeahhh Joe : (show a little love make a wave seize the day) make me a wave Demi : (make a wave yeahh) make a wave heaven knows what we could change so let's show a little love you never know what we can change Joe : throw a pebble in the water Both : make a wave (make a wave)

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