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Russian women plea to Vladimir Putin: 'Bring our men home from meat grinder war'

RUSSIAN women have made an emotional appeal to Vladimir Putin to bring their men home from his "meat grinder" war. A demand by wives and mothers in Vologda is latest showing ordinary people ready to defy draconian laws by criticising the army and calling for mobilised troops to be released from duty. “The time to act has arrived, not to think and wait for everyone to be minced in this bloody mincer,” said the women in the public video address to Putin and their regional governor. "We ask to return our husbands, sons from this hell.” “Return our husbands home,” chorused 12 women in the appeal. They demanded punishment for officials and commanders responsible for flouting a Putin promise that untrained mobilised men lacking modern weaponry and equipment would not be put in harm’s way at the frontline. They said some of their husbands had been killed both by Ukrainian attacks and “friendly fire” from the Russian side. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest breaking news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world

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