#VIRAL: Clever little dog learns to clean up his waste with a dustpan and shovel.

Internet user Rodrigo Cortez is part of a group of animals on Facebook and wanting to entertain the members he shared a curious video last Thursday 25th. A very well trained dog, picking up his eses". In the scene you can see the big dog, carrying a dustpan in his mouth towards the place of the waste. When he arrives, he places the utensil in front of the dirt so that it is easy to pick up. Whoever looks at it assumes that he went to call the owner to finish the work. Holding it in his mouth, he uses the broom to help him put the feces on top of the shovel. And that's not all. Then he disappears again, picks up the broom and carries the full shovel back to the landfill. The animal's performance surprised Internet users. Some wanted to teach their pets to do the same. Of course, you don't need to teach him how to clean up the mess he makes. But teaching him the basics of how to sit, stand and go outside is a benefit for both the dog and the owner. Because it is a great opportunity for both to get together and build a good relationship through training, as well as giving the dog the freedom to do the things he likes to do, for example, not having to use the leash and walk freely with him. the owner, while he is safe and under control, just by voice command. In addition, dogs are intelligent animals and love to learn, so training can be an excellent way to keep them from getting bored. To do this, training should be reward-based. Offering something he likes when he does something well motivates him to always repeat that gesture.

  • Duration: 00:23