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HEAT WAVE: HIGH TEMPERATURES cause 360 DEATHS in SPAIN in first six days

Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), dependent on the Ministry of Health, has counted 360 deaths attributable to the high temperatures recorded in the first six days of the heat wave affecting Spain, corresponding to the period from July 10 to Friday, July 15. The latest data collected by the statistics of the Monitoring of daily mortality due to excess temperature is the one referring to Friday July 15, which is the maximum peak, with 123 deaths in one day. In detail, on the first day of the heat wave, last Sunday, July 10, there were 15 deaths attributable to temperature. Since then, there has been a continuous escalation, since the following day, Monday 11, 28 deaths due to excess temperature were recorded. This figure increased to 41 cases on Tuesday, July 12, and to 60 deaths on Wednesday, July 13. On Thursday there were 93 heat-related deaths.

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