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Mariupol defenders surrender to Russian Army

The fierce fighting at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol (Ukraine) has come to an end. The militiamen still fighting have surrendered to the Russian Army and pro-Russian forces fighting on the front in the east of the country. The Kremlin assures that it will treat them as "war criminals". Some 53 seriously wounded Ukrainian forces have been transferred to a medical center in the pro-Russian-held city of Novoazovsk. Ukraine claims that another 211 people were evacuated in a humanitarian corridor to the town of Olenivka (Donetsk). The government assures that they will "bring home" their men through an exchange with captured Russian prisoners. If the conquest of Mariupol is confirmed, Russia would succeed in joining it to the Crimean peninsula, illegally annexed in 2014. This would be a key victory for Vladimir Putin, as fighting rages in the Donbas region. The Ukrainian General Staff has ordered the remaining defenders of Azovstal to concentrate on "saving the lives of their personnel." The Mariupol garrison "has fulfilled its mission," it has said in a note. The exact number of the servicemen remaining in the bunkers and basements of the steelworks, where until only a few days ago hundreds of civilians who have already been transferred to Ukrainian territory through several humanitarian corridors, were also sheltering.

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