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Erupting Volcano Spurts Bubbling Lava

Incredible video footage of bubbling lava shooting into the sky was captured from an erupting volcano in Iceland. The overhead images were shot by Leighton Lum – a professional wildlife and landscape photographer, who used a drone to get up close to one of nature’s most spectacular sights. The 34-year-old from Aiea, Hawaii, captured the fiery images whilst on a trip to Iceland. Leighton describes his last-minute decision to visit the volcano. He said: “This volcano had recently started erupting so I made a quick, last-minute trip to Iceland to witness this flow first-hand. We stayed for about an hour, so I did quite a bit of drone shots and shot both video and still. This volcano was amazing because it was very active, shooting lava into the air every 3 to 5 minutes. This was an amazing eruption to witness, this was the first time I’ve seen lava just explode into the sky like that. The massive size of the whole flow site was amazing to see, especially from the air. You could see just how much lava was coming out.”

  • Duration: 02:32