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#OMG: Vessel with a thousand Porsche Lamborghini Bentley Audi Porsche catches fire and is adrift Felicity Ace

The cargo ship Felicity Ace, carrying 1,100 Porsches, 189 Bentleys and other luxury cars such as Audi, caught fire near the Azores, an island of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, and authorities rescued a total of 22 crew members. Volkswagen's spokesperson informed about the fire on the car-carrying vessel while it was sailing through the Azores, 170 kilometers from the Portuguese island, after leaving Germany bound for the United States; the Portuguese Navy said that no crew members were injured. The fire reportedly originated in the ship's hold, and the tanker Resilient Warrior, which was in the area, joined the rescue effort. After reporting flames on the car carrier, a helicopter of the Portuguese forces also arrived. Audi, another Volkswagen brand, confirmed the fire on the vessel near the Azores, but did not clarify how many of its cars were on board or whether they were damaged. Volkswagen USA said there were also some Lamborghinis. The manufacturers said they would report back at a later date. The Portuguese Navy said that, "for the moment, no pollution source has been found" from the fire on the vessel sailing with cars near Azores; a plan to tow the Felicity Ace to port is to be decided in the next few hours.

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