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#VIRAL: Dog pretends to be injured and tricks driver who stopped to help it

While driving San Eang, with his son at his side, came across a dog with paralyzed hind legs crawling along the road in a village in Banteay Meanchey province in northwestern Cambodia. Immediately father and son got out of the car and approached the dog to rescue it and take it to the vet. San got out of the car already filming the dog who, to his surprise, got up and walked away normally. San and his son burst out laughing, after all, the dog seemed to be faking it or scratching its belly. On the one hand, the couple was happy that the dog was not paraplegic or suffering, but on the other hand San felt cheated. "Well, just when we thought we could rescue an injured animal, this dog played a trick on us. Too bad," San said. "We were almost in tears when we saw the brave dog trying to survive despite his injuries," San emphasized on why he stopped the car. The father and son gave the dog some treats, which seemed satisfied and ran away.

  • Duration: 00:47