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#VIRAL: Woman pretends to be run over and becomes mockery in social networks

According to local media in the city of Buzuluk, a woman mother wanted to pretend to be run over by a driver to get a change in money. However, their "dramatic and scant performance" only caused Internet users and even the driver to mock. Through a recording obtained by the camera of the vehicle, you can see how the man drives quietly down a path and further on his way there is a woman standing, who waits for the car to be close to launch against him. Upon seeing a person near the area, the driver reduces the speed, to the point of simply stopping the march, not expecting this, the "victim" is thrown to the chest, but then ends up going to the other side of the vehicle and the driver proceeds his way. Once this embarrassing accident happened the man got out of the vehicle to see if the extortionist had damaged the front of the car.

  • Duration: 00:38