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#CUTE: Here's how she searches for her lost stuffed kitten; offers candy and $20 reward

BB Jaguar got lost in a movie complex in Mexico City, but hopes to return home very soon. The world of social networks is full of tender stories that, if it were not for them, could never reach the number of people who see pictures, videos or simply read a text. Such is the case of a little girl in Mexico City, who through a handwritten sign, as they are no longer used to, is looking for her stuffed kitten, the same one that has accompanied her for three years. Everything seems to indicate that the little girl was at the movies when her cat probably accidentally fell out of the backpack in which she was carrying it, so when she got home, she found herself without her best friend. However, the most incredible thing of all is that she is offering a real reward for the person who finds him and, without thinking about it, goes to her call to return BB Jaguar (the name of her stuffed animal) to his home, with his owner. The amount, although symbolic, is a great gesture on the part of the little girl, who is willing to give everything for her cat. In case you are the one who finds him, you could get in exchange for your huge heart, a candy and 20.00 pesos. "Wanted is a stuffed cat, this is the one. His name is BB Jaguar. Help: on Friday, September 17, 2021 I went to the movies at Plaza Encuentro Fortuna, I took with me my stuffed cat that I have had since I was a baby, I was 3 years old when I got it. When I got home, I realized it was no longer in my backpack. I think I dropped him, I miss him a lot because he is my best friend since I was a baby. If you find him call this number. Reward: a candy and 20.00 pesos. Please find him," reads the wonderful sign. Her sheet of paper not only enclosed a picture of her cat so you can locate him more easily, she also included the hand drawn picture of her with her stuffed cat in some touching moment, not to mention the little faces crying inconsolably. For the moment, it has not been confirmed that BB Jaguar was able to return home, but the publication on Facebook will surely be of great help, because so far, it has been shared more than 20,000 times; it has accumulated more than 600 comments and 2.3 thousand people reacted to the news. Among the comments there are many messages of hope, emotional support and multiple tips for the little girl to find her stuffed cat as soon as possible. In addition, people opened their hearts in that instant and commented on the stories of their family that could have a similarity with this one, to finally tell the little girl that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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