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#VIRAL: Heroic moment people rescue stray dog stuck in molten rubber

This is the heroic moment a stray dog was rescued after getting stuck in molten RUBBER. The hapless female pooch was scampering around the industrial estate when it stepped on the rubberized asphalt in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand on December 6. Thoughtless workers had dumped the waste material normally used for repairing roads on the dusty ground next to a silo. However, they did not think about the dozens of poor stray Aspin dogs that roam around the area. The light brown pooch stepped on the thick, sticky goo and was unable to move. It fell over and became stuck in the toxic mixture, with only its mouth poking out for air. Shocked local Supatra Baisri, 30, was walking through the area when he found the dog lying in the mix. He said: ''I couldn't go into the rubber because I would have been stuck, too. I couldn't even reach the dog with a stick to help her.'' Supatra called the emergency services who raced to the scene. They commandeered an excavator to dig the pooch out of the rubber. Workers at a nearby factory doused the dog in benzin oil to remove the rubber and prevent its skin and fur from being seriously damaged. The rescue operation took two hours and the dog, which vets have named Mali, is now safe. One of the vets who treated Mali said: ''People need to be much more careful about how they dispose of rubbish. It can cause so much harm to animals. ''If nobody had found Mali she would have died.''

  • Duration: 07:44