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Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident: 10 years on from the triple disaster in #Japan.

March 11, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that shocked Japan and the world. A powerful earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami and one of the most serious nuclear accidents in history, ended up claiming the lives of almost 20,000 people in the Japanese town of Fukushima. Life there was forever changed and residents were forced to flee their homes in search of a safe haven away from the dangerous radiation emitted by the accident at the Daiichi nuclear power plant. Others lost their homes, which were reduced to nothing after the impact of powerful waves that reached up to 17 meters high. This BBC documentary relives the dramatic moments of that March 11 and compiles several testimonies of the victims of Fukushima. It also spoke to several experts about the lessons learned from the disaster and the impact it had.

  • Duration: 16:51