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Dramatic rescue of a baby from the rubble after the earthquake in Japan

On Thursday, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has shaken the Japanese island of Kyushu, the third largest in the country and the southernmost, destroying several buildings. As a result, a person may have died and fifty residents have been taken to local hospitals. The focus of the quake was at a depth of 23.3 kilometers, 7 kilometers southwest of the city of Ueki. A few hours later, there has been another strong earthquake of magnitude 6.4 Shindo (Japan uses the scale to measure the intensity of earthquakes) in Kumamoto prefecture, on the same island of Kyushu. Local media say more than 150 people have been taken to hospitals. The earthquake has been felt in the Japanese city of Kumamoto, Mashiki, Tamana, and Uki Nishihara. According to local media, at least 9 people have died after a series of earthquakes that struck Japan. At least 850 people have been injured.

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