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Applauded honesty from an RTVE reporter when he said it's usually hot: "I won't bore you..."

Reporter Juan Ballesteros' outburst of sincerity when he reported on the high temperatures from Toledo did not go unnoticed by viewers of the Diario 24 program on Canal 24 Horas (RTVE) this Thursday. The journalist reported this midday on the yellow alert in the city of Toledo, although he did so in a particularly peculiar way. "The maximum temperature in Ciudad Real will be 37 degrees, almost my fever in terms of body temperature, and another degree in the Guadiana and Tagus valleys," he said live. "All of this translates into a risk of fire, which is actually increasing these days," he added, giving way to a comment that made clear his disagreement with the morning program, since he had to intervene on the streets despite the high temperatures.

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