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Miley Cyrus does regret his participation in the VMA compared to Madonna and Britney Spears

by drianita

We all knew the disaster that caused Miley Cyrus during his presentation at the VMAs that took place the weekend before last, and by no means attempt to defend her, she already realized how terrible it was and repent. If you want to see what it was that happened, it's over here. Maybe Miley saw that note and was the reason I said... the following: "Fuck I have too many problems, I'm very damaged. All do stupid things when we are damaged. Do not I have a normal life, I take a break from time to time, but not the same." Well, yes, but why blame us? "Everything I do is work, only to continue to live and continue. People are surprised when I see that I can only sleep about 45 minutes, I'm used to it.'m A workhorse."

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