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Theory that claims Michael Jackson is Bruno Mars' father.

The theory that Michael Jackson is the father of Bruno Mars A hypothesis that suggests the relationship between the two pop stars goes beyond the musical has become viralized. Michael Jackson was always surrounded by a halo of mystery because of his eccentricities, his vocal talent, his original way of dancing and the myths about how his complexion gradually changed. Media scandals haunted him to the end of his days and beyond: to his accusations of child abuse, his enigmatic Neverland Ranch with its particular amusement park, the stormy relationship with his father, the mistreatment he suffered in his childhood, the peculiar relationship with his pet, the chimpanzee Bubbles, and the cause of his death is added a new theory, which links him directly to the singer Bruno Mars. He died on June 25, 2009 from a heart attack, the king of pop has become a trend in social networks, as various users have spread a hypothesis that focuses on demonstrating the possible relationship between the famous Jackson family and the singer Bruno Mars, 34. With an analysis that breaks down this theory, a Twitter user shared the supposed evidence that Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, in addition to sharing a remarkable musical talent, and a similar style in their compositions, could be united by family blood. The theory became viralized and began to take hold mainly due to the fact that, at some point Jackson revealed that he had a son that he did not recognize, and from whom he refused to give further information on his whereabouts in order to protect him, and his mother from certain harassment by the press. This son would be the fruit of Michael's relationship with Billie Jean, who inspired the song Billie Jean, which is about his possible offspring. The user José Hernández mentions in his popular Twitter thread that Bruno Mars' real name is Peter Gene Hernández, and attributes this name to the fact that Michael Jackson's favorite child character was always Peter Pan, of whom even the singer had several statues on his ranch and, like him, was considered an eternal child; he also points out the remarkable physical resemblance that both singers maintain, and the recognized talent for music, which he assures, he inherited from whoever began his career in the early 70s as part of the band The Jackson 5, which he formed with his brothers. In addition to certain shared facial features, such as the color of their complexion, their curly hair and height, their vocal tessitura, the notes they both reach and their dancing cadence, could also be indicators of a family relationship between the two figures, according to the widespread theory. Another fact mentioned is that Bruno Mars was signed by Michael Jackson's record label during the same year that the news of the Dangerous and Black or White singer's death was released, and that the deceased pop superstar was a great friend of Mars' alleged father, who was present at the funeral. The theory also mentions that a producer was fired from the record label the day after it confirmed that the singer of Just the way you are and Looked out of heaven is in fact the son of the deceased singer. Bruno Mars began his stint on the stage in 1990, imitating another king of music: rock n' roll forerunner Elvis Presley, so his link to the emblematic figures of mainstream music doesn't read as far-fetched.

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