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Instagram Model Makes $100,000 A Year From Pics Of Her 6.5-Inch Tongue

Meet The Instagram Star With World's longest tongue | World's widest tongue Instagram model earns £80k-a-year for saucy snaps of her 6.5-inch tongue Mikayla Saravia is an Instagram model and influencer – but what makes her different from the rest is her massive tongue. The 21-year-old, who has around 2 million followers, has a tongue which measures up to a whopping 6.5 inches. She gets paid between $900 (£722) to $3,000 (£2,400) for posting racy images and videos licking food items. Her Instagram followers often compare her to a “snake” or “lizard” because of how long her tongue is. Speaking about her body part, Mikayla said: “I realised at a young age, I think the 6th grade. I think outside the box and try to be different. The social media sensation launched her own app, KKVSH , which features her latest products including shirts, phone holders, chargers and even sex toys. She also opened a photo studio at her home in West Palm Beach and makes her own music. Mikayla concluded: “My biggest inspiration is my mum. I love her she’s a very strong woman. “I’m proud of my accomplishments being so young and owning my own company.”

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