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Mexico failed to stop auction of 120 pre-Columbian pieces in France

Mexico, through the Secretariats of Culture and Foreign Affairs, rejected the illegal sale of pre-Columbian art and called on the Millon auction house to suspend the sale of 120 pieces of pre-Columbian art. Of the 120 pieces of the Olmec and Mayan cultures, 95 belong to the cultural heritage of Mexico, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Ambassador Juan Manuel Gómez Robledo said he sought to initiate a dialogue that would allow the restoration of the pieces to their rightful owner, which is none other than Mexico. Some of the pieces were part of the private collection of Manichak and Jean Aurance, which had acquired them in 1963. Accompany the analysis in Aristegui with Blanca Barragán Moctezuma, historian and descendant of Moctezuma II, and with the lawyer Jesús Juárez about this controversy.

  • Duration: 10:04