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#VIRAL: Heartbreaking moment 9-year-old pleads with bike thief

Shocking footage shows the moment a callous thief stole a young boy's bike outside his home in Texas.Jonathon DeLaCerda, 9, was playing with friends at his house in Rosenberg and they left their bikes in the front garden.Home security video then shows a man in a hooded jumper walking up nonchalantly and riding off with the bike.Jonathon appears to freeze as he processes the robbery and then runs after him. 'No, don't do it,' he can be heard saying to the thief. When the crook takes off on the bike, 'No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh my God,' he said. Jonathon and his friends were riding their bikes when they ran inside the house for a quick bathroom break. It was his friends who noticed the crook in the front yard.They subsequently alerted Jonathon and he ran outside to try get his bike.Jonathon told KPRC-TV: 'All of a sudden, I see this grown man trying to take my bike.

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