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65 dead and 279 missing due to landslide in Brazil

The number of deaths recorded after the rupture of a dam of the Vale mining company in Brumadinho, outside the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, rose on Monday to 65 of which 31 have already been identified, according to Defense reports Civil of Minas Gerais. Civil Defense added that so far, 386 people were located, including employees of Vale and residents of the region, however 279 are still missing, while 135 victims have been left without their homes and another 192 people have been rescued alive of the mud. The operations of this Monday resumed at 04:00 in the morning, and the search teams managed to recover two bodies that were in a second bus that was submerged in the mud, as well as remains located in what was left of the dining room. the company. The spokesman for the Military Police, Major Flávio Santiago, said there were no records of looting or acts of violence as a result of the situation in the region, and pointed out that there are 250 policemen in the area affected by the tragedy. For his part, the spokesman of the Military Fire Department of the state of Minas Gerais, Lieutenant Pedro Aihara, asked that people, even well-intentioned, not try to do rescue work alone, so as not to harm the support activities. Aihara explained that Israeli teams help in the rescue of the victims who are on the second bus. But he also stressed that there is little chance of locating more people alive.

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