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Tragedy in Brazil least 245 people dead

by NotiMeTa

"It all started because they used fireworks in a closed. This created a fire and toxic smoke that spread very quickly," said the commander of the Fire Department of Rio Grande do Sul, Colonel Guido de Melo. "The use of a banned computer ended up causing the tragedy," said the official, adding that the operating license of the club... was defeated. According Goldani Ingrid, one of the employees of the club, the smoke covered the whole place in about three minutes. "The band members Gurizada Fandangueira, who played at the time and fired the engine initially tried to extinguish the flames with water, then with a fire extinguisher. Failed not know if manipulating the extinguisher, but the fire and smoke spread rapidly" he said. Then the lights went out and all was dark, said Valterson Wotrich singer, known as "Pimenta" and vocalist who had previously played. The flames and smoke caused panic among the people who were at the club, at least a thousand according to some sources, and a stampede for the exits, where many were trampled to death. "We received information from people who were at the scene of the bowling security personnel initially closed doors and not allow rapid evacuation. That caused even more panic and mayhem," the commander of the Fire Department. Witnesses said the guards apparently did not know what had happened yquerían prevent students leave without pay. The difficulty in the evacuation and the flood of people running towards the only exit caused numerous deaths by asphyxiation. Many people also rushed to the toilets for air and found no other way out.

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