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Hawaii's Volcano Flow Fascinating When the Kilauea Volcano will explode

The extraordinary lava flow in Hawaii continues to grow to 10 meters an hour and is dangerous. Lava Hawaii started swallowing homes and cars. A big explosion is expected in Kilauea volcano. However, it is unclear when this explosion will happen. Hawaii state and people waiting pending Big Island's Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, spewing molten rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide. More than 1,000 Hawaii residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as a dangerous lava flow continues to spread on the state's Big Island. Hawaii volcanic eruption, the Hawaiian people are faced with possible volcanic smoke and acid rain. The crazy lava caught in Hawaii breaks down everything that comes in front of you, burns it, and causes it to crash. Located in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Kīlauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Since 1983, the young volcano has added more than 500 acres of new land to Hawai’i’s “Big Island.” As Kīlauea continues to erupt, wide swaths of the surrounding rain forests are destroyed by oozing molten rock. These black rivers are constantly flowing making way for new life and regenerating the forest life cycle. Incredible images Volcano lava flow in Hawaii

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