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#ONU: Russia condemns the bombing of the US and allies to Syria

Vasili Nibenzia, Russia's representative in the United Nations Security Council, said that the warlike aggression against Syria is a threat to the possibility of a peaceful solution proposed by the international organization and violates its bill of rights. Nibenzia recalled that just like the previous year, the United States and its allies, France and the United Kingdom, try to justify their attack the alleged use of chemical weapons against the civilian population, without the experts who are in the place have found evidence of it. . Russia categorically condemned this aggression, while noting that the bombing will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Syrian territory, as well as help terrorist organizations. Nibenzia also recalled the cases of Libya, Yugoslavia and other countries that were invaded by the United States, assuring that history will be responsible for measuring the responsibility that the North American nation had.

  • Duration: 12:34