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Doña Sofía is humiliated in public by the Princess Leonor and exerted by Queen Letizia

by NoticiasAlMomento

The Mass on Resurrection Sunday in the cathedral of Palma was a rapprochement between the Bourbons. For the first time in four years, Don Juan Carlos joined the rest of the Royal Family in the celebration of the last day of Holy Week, which led to one of the exceptional images of the entire Royal Family. However, the perfect harmony... that the family staged at the doors of Palma Cathedral seems that it was not, at least at a specific moment, as shown by a video that has gone viral and has had access to THE WORLD. As you can see in this video, when Doña Sofía is about to leave the cathedral with a granddaughter in each arm, Doña Letizia decides to act. First it is placed in front, thus preventing photography. Then the wife of Felipe VI begins to touch the hair of Leonor, located on the right side of Doña Sofía to, in a quick movement, take the arm of her mother-in-law, whom she removes her hand from the shoulder of the Princess, who also grabs the hand of his grandmother. While Don Felipe finishes greeting the attendees to the ceremony, Doña Sofía grabs her granddaughter again by the shoulder. After finishing the religious ceremony, the Royal Family prepared to leave the temple. With the doors of the cathedral wide open, Doña Sofía left the church accompanied by her two granddaughters, the Princess Leonor and the Infanta Sofia. The photographers could see the grandmother and the girls inside the temple and could portray that image, with which Letiziano would have been so happy. Finally, the wishes of Queen Emerita were not satisfied and the girls left the first of the temple followed by Doña Letizia and Doña Sofía. It is once in the entrance esplanade where the wife of Don Juan Carlos is reunited with his granddaughters and with Letizia for the photograph of the four. Put in contact with Real House, they have not offered, at the moment, any explanation on the matter.

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