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KE$HA "TAKE IT OFF" official music video (parody) Kesha is David Hasselhoff

Lyrics When your in The Right light y see that somethin just aint right y see the Ke$ha that you like H something more that shes hidin I Got A few Seecrets_ U Dont know who I really am_ Got a Lot of history- That you might not Understand_ You May Remember_ Drunk With Burgers on the Floor_ Yeah thats Right! I am David, I am David, I am David CHORUS Im A middle aged man, Famous on Te-le-vis-i-on My Career Didn't work out, So I took a different route see I put a wig on When Lights they Turn off When I take my Wig Off I am DAVID HASSELHOFF See the girl you know is Just a Freakin Show When We shot Tik Tok They had to tape down my cock See I put A wig on, When Lights they Turn Off (doctor) "Ke$ha, Turn and cough.... ,wait Youre David Hasselhoff!" (are you a real life guard...oh and you have pancreatic cancer) VERSE Times were Great, I was a Star As A BAYWATCH Lifeguard NOw its hard Payin Rent With Americas Got TALENT So I had to Invent A trashy Pop Princess I put Feathers in my hair and Potatoes in my chest Wear lots of bracelets and Remember shave my pits and then like I am Ke$ha I am Ke$ha I am Ke$ha Im a grown ass man pretending Im a debutante girlies wanna be like me, but thats because they just dont see That I put a Wig On When LIghts they Turn off (teen girl fan) "thats why Ke$has bellys soft Cuz its DAVID HASELHOFF" (eww) Hope My kids Dont know when there at a Ke$ha Show That their dear ol Dad Is now the Newest FAD And I put A wig on when lights they turn off (concerned citizen) "hurry run and tell the cops Ke$has DAVID HASELHOFF" (ahhhhhh)

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