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Lady Gaga - Judas (Music Video) OFFICIAL PARODY

Lyrics: Baby Buddha Goo Goo Ga Ga He doesn't eat anything except pies, Nobody makes any clothes in his size. I have to scrub his bald head so it's shiny, But when l drop him in mud it feels grimy. He never frowns. He's like a clown! Whoa, look now he's brown. On a pitcher's mound! He's a holy dude, I offer up my jewelry, Because if not he'll whip me with bacon. Hey Mom, look at me nw, I sport a dot on my head, I gotta represent this Buddha Baby! Whoa He can't even use the bathroom... No number 2's. Whoa He's got his own religion, see I got his widget. _ Congratulations to the winner of the iPad2: Sammy Mestdagh Since he didn't invite any friends I have one iPad left to giveaway. To win just go to my app and press "Enter Me" that's all! If you're not signed up though, you have to sign up first before you can win anything.

  • Duration: 03:05



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