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POLICE BRUTALITY - Scumbag British Cop Assaults Woman In Jail Cell

A police officer who threw an innocent woman headfirst on to a concrete cell floor could be jailed. Sergeant Mark Andrews was captured on CCTV dragging 5ft2in Pamela Somerville into a cell before hurling her to the floor "like a doll", knocking her unconscious. The shocking footage shows Miss Somerville, then 57, lying disorientated before blood starts pouring from a gaping wound above her eye. Sgt Andrews, a burly 6ft3in ex-soldier, was found guilty of assaulting Miss Somerville and causing actual bodily harm after a five-day trial at Oxford magistrates court. He will be sentenced tomorrow and faces up to six months in prison Miss Somerville, who has a degree in microbiology, said: "I am just an ordinary, middle-aged, middle-class Miss Goody Two Shoes. 'I had done absolutely nothing wrong." "What happened to me was extraordinary, terrifying, and no one should ever be treated in the same way ever again, no matter what they are said to have done." Miss Somerville, a market researcher, was arrested when police found her asleep in her car in a lay-by in Melksham, Wiltshire, in 2008. She had had a minor argument with her partner. Wiltshire Police said she was arrested for failing to provide a breath sample, though she completely denies being drunk or refusing to provide a sample. She was charged, but police later dropped the case against her. She encountered Sgt Andrews at the police station. Before taking her to the cell, the sergeant can be heard on the CCTV shouting: "Shut up. Listen to me. You are in my custody now and you will be quiet and you will listen. Do you understand?" When she later walked out of the cell after a police doctor visited her, she recalls being "lifted up under the arms like a doll by Sgt Andrews and thrown headfirst back into the cell." He then slammed the door shut, leaving her unconscious on the floor. Miss Somerville, 59, who lives with her partner John in the hamlet of North Colerne, Wiltshire, says she may need a cataract operation as a result of the attack.

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