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Nked Cowboy Times Square causes furor in the streets of Mexico City

One of the most famous characters in New York's Times Square, the famous "Nude Cowboy", is raging these days in the streets of downtown Mexico City, where he meets to meet his wife's family. Robert John Burck, better known as "Naked Cowboy", has fled these days from the cold of the US east coast to walk his muscles and his usual suit - boots, boots, hat and guitar - through the historic center of the Mexican capital. The undocumented wife of the "naked cowboy" is legalized in the Trump era. There she has delighted hundreds of passers-by with her usual self-confidence and good humor, and the citizens have taken pictures with him and toned songs with this particular 'showman', 47 years old and a classic Times Square.

  • Duration: 05:59