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Jetblue kicked Vegas-bound family off flight over birthday cake dispute

JetBlue put a damper on a Jersey family’s Las Vegas birthday bash when they decided to boot them off a flight … over a cake. WABC reports that the Burke family had brought the buttercream confection with them as part of their carry on, and initially stored it in the overhead bin. When a flight attendant told them they had to move it, they stashed in under the seat. A second flight attendant reportedly berated her colleague, and then accused dad Cameron Burke of being non-compliant. Her behavior struck him as irrational, so he asked if she had been drinking. She stormed off, and another flight attendant asked them to leave the plane. Burke refused, and instead began filming the scene on his phone. Port Authority police was called on board. In the video, the family looks confused and distressed, and the 7-year-old can be seen crying, claiming they’d followed directions. An officer surnamed Cheung informs the family that despite doing nothing wrong, they will need to take another flight. JetBlue reps later ordered everyone to deplane in order to get the Burkes off the flight. They were refunded in full, and ended up taking a United flight to Sin City the next day. Burke is thinking of suing, and wants the rude flight attendant fired. But JetBlue is standing their ground, claiming Burke refused requests to remove the cake, yelled and cursed at the crew, and made false accusations about one attendant’s fitness to fly.

  • Duration: 02:39