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Mexico Wins Again to the United States

If Mexico places tariffs on US goods, it would affect states that voted for Donald Trump. On Wednesday of last week, Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said that if the United States Fixes tariffs on Mexico, the Aztec country will do the same and it would even do better, because they would choose the exports that hurt the most Americans. The following day, Ildefonso Guajardo, head of Economy, confirmed that this is a plan B that is contemplated. It is striking that of the 28 states of that country for which Mexico is the first or second most relevant destination in their sales, 20 voted for the Republican. An example of this is Texas, whose exports to the Country in 2016, for 92 thousand 673 million dollars, meant 40 percent of the total. However, 52.2 percent of Texans voted for Trump, which guaranteed him 38 electoral votes. Michigan is in a similar case, since its sales were for 12 thousand 37 million dollars, that means the 22 percent of its total. There, 47.5 percent voted for Trump, 47.2 percent for Hillary Clinton and the rest for independents. Duncan Wood, director of the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center, explained that although the prosperity of these states depends on trade, most of its inhabitants support initiatives to reduce trade with Mexico. Faced with this, he said that local governments work together with companies, chambers of commerce and research centers to show the public how the symbiosis of the relationship is.

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