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Beijing Auto Show SUV popular with consumers

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is ongoing and sport utility vehicles or SUVs as they're more commonly known are proving popular with consumers. Consumers have been streaming through the doors at the Beijing Auto Show to see what's new on the car market. The SUV is one vehicle that has been attracting huge amounts of attention. Whether it's the look or what's under the hood, some consumers have bought the massive vehicle on the spot. Signed, sealed, delivered. Consumer: "I like SUVs because of the better view and more driving pleasure." Salesman: "So many people are interested and a total of 4 to 5 thousand cars have been reserved." Sales teams at the expo say the SUV'S advantages include large amounts of space, it's height off the ground and high-tech security. Some auto dealers have raised the price of some SUVs. Consumer: "I want to buy a Tiguan but I am afraid I have to pay 40,000 yuan more to get it." To meet demand from the fast growing market in China, auto makers including Audi, Benz, Volvo and BMW have brought their latest models to Beijing to put on show for consumers. Meanwhile, Chinese domestic car makers such as Geely and Chery are also showing off their products at the low-end market. Some high-tech gadgets on low-end SUVs are made by Chinese auto makers. Shen Siyuan, Director, Anchi Xinda Technology Corp., said, "We supply the keyless start system to the domestic automakers to improve their competitiveness." Statistics show: 269 thousand SUVs were sold in China in March. That's an increase of 160 percent compared to last year.

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Beijing Auto Show SUV popular with consumers