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Fire during a concert in the United States; 36 people die

A terrible fire in a warehouse where a concert was held claimed the lives of at least 36 people.  The events were recorded last night in Oakland, California and it is believed that the number of fatalities could increase, because after the accident the structure of the building was in a precarious situation and the rescue work of the corpses had to be done Slowly. The fire started around 11:30 PM and was checked on Saturday morning. This incident is considered the most serious in the history of Oakland. Local authorities have detailed that the roof of the property collapsed and that investigators looked among the debris to locate more bodies. The fire broke out Friday in Fruitvale, Oakland, in a building housing artists' studios and believed to be dozens of people enjoying an electronic music concert. As a result of the flames, the warehouse roof, known as "The Oakland Ghost Boat," collapsed. So far the causes of the fire are unknown.

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