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Barack Obama annoyed with the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama, opinió Wednesday it is important that research is not guided by "innuendo" political tone, referring to the FBI announcement that is reviewing more emails possibly related to the Democratic candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton "I made a very conscious effort to make sure that does not seem like I'm intruding on what is supposed to be independent processes to make these decisions," Obama said in an interview to 'News Now This' digital portal. "But I think there is a rule that, when there is research, based on hints do not work, or incomplete information, or leaks. We work based on concrete decisions have been taken," he added. The president recalled that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has already made this year a "thorough" investigation into the use by Clinton a private e-mail server for official business when he was secretary of state (2009-2013).

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