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Line up just to see McDonalds employee in Taiwan

Men are beginning to form in front of a McDonalds in Taiwan as never before. Not for a burger, but to see one of his employees. Young working almost looks like a porcelain doll has big eyes and clear, smooth skin. She is small and beauty meet Asian standards. Because of its beauty, it is turning gradually into a celebrity in Taiwan. Weiwei is not anyone from another world, however, because it is very common for McDonalds and companies in Taiwan seize the "tenderness" of the employed to attract customers. Sometimes employees are asked even literally dressed as dolls. Beauty standards of most men in Asia, can be described as the search for an adorable childlike. A kind of beauty that, based on the comments of American Internet users, are unattractive and not feminine enough. Some netizens even accuse Asian pedophiles. But Weiwei, who has appeared in several TV shows in Taiwan, does not really seem to care.

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