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Thousands of websites are protesting against the NSA spying

More than 6,000 websites , including Reddit , Tumblr , Mozilla, have come together to participate in an 'on line' protest against the massive NSA spying . The move comes two years after the last mass protest against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and also commemorates the death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz . At least 20 countries have so far joined the protest , including Argentina , Spain , Colombia , Germany , Brazil and Peru , according to the official website of the initiative. As part of the protest , held under the theme ' The day I fight back ' websites placed on their pages a banner that reads: . "Dear internet, are tired of complaining about the NSA want you new laws restricting online surveillance . " In U.S. banner allows users to make direct contact with members of Congress , either by email or through calls Voice Twilio system. The sites participating in the protest opposing the law FISA improvements that strengthen the legitimacy of the NSA surveillance and support the Law on Freedom of Information in the U.S., which , however , limits the power of internal oversight of intelligence agencies . As users are outside the U.S., are urged to sign a petition in support of the principles against mass surveillance . The programmer and PhD in Computing, Ricardo Galli, believes that the problem of the NSA spying is that we do not know how long it takes the agency performing it .

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