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Barack Obama is committed to investigating cases of espionage in Mexico and Brazil

Enrique Peña Nieto, said that there must be corresponding penalties if it is found acting "outside the law" in the case of alleged U.S. espionage against the president. "Mexico has made it clear that there should be an investigation and if he has acted outside international agreements and outlaws must have the appropriate sanctions," he said. Peña Nieto spoke by telephone with his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, who pledged to fully investigate the alleged espionage conducted against the Mexican president as a candidate for the presidency, the agency Notimex. Both heads of state participating in the work of the Summit of G20 leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia, where Peña Nieto expected to be close to Obama to fix their position. The call was made after the Mexican Foreign Ministry called to query U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne, for allegedly spying conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA, for its acronym in English) against Peña Nieto as a presidential candidate. Peña Nieto will return to Mexico on Friday night to prepare the submission to Congress of 2014 economic package, on 8 September, and probably the Tax Reform initiative. Peña Nieto arrived at 16:55 hours (local), the Konstantinovsky Palace, to attend the first session of the Summit of G20 Leaders, where he was received by President Vladimir Putin. In that first session addressed the table leaders "growth and global economy."

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