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Zombie Walk in Mexico City

The seventh annual Zombie Walk was attended by at least 10,000 zombies. The march started from the Plaza de las Tres Culturas to the Angel of Independence , which caused traffic problems in central lanes of Paseo de la Reforma, towards the west. Hours before they would start the march, dozens of participants were characterized on the sidewalks in public squares and even on the sidewalks of Tlatelolco Station Metro Line 3 . The organizers of the zombie movement in Mexico this year highlighted that participants perform in-kind donations to form a food bank is requested . The zombies came shortly after 15:30 pm and moved along the Central Axis Lazaro Cardenas, Ricardo Flores Magon and Paseo de la Reforma until the Angel of Independence , so an operation was implemented to prevent disturbance to public order. The SSPDF reported that 429 police and 60 vehicles monitored the progress of the " zombies " and to avoid any contingency support points were established in strategic areas to ensure the safety of participants . Participants held a rally at the Angel of Independence , so motorists are advised to use alternate routes as the Circuito Interior , Peripherals , Avenida de los Insurgentes , Calzada Mexico - Tacuba and Rio de la Loza , among others.

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