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Shooting in Ridgecrest California leave several dead and some wounded

A shootout in Ridgecrest , California , left many victims and potential fatalities. The murder suspect killed in shootout with authorities. According to the Associated Press, the murder suspect was killed by police in a Mojave Desert road later date after a long search in which man had fired at vehicles and two hostages in the car trunk . " The incident has been neutralized , we have multiple victims and possible fatalities ," said Mayor Dan Clark Ridgecrest in a brief telephone interview with Reuters . The suspect called the cell phone of a police officer and said he wanted to go to the department and fire on the officers, but as the police had too many weapons , go to " wreak havoc " in other places told a news conference the sheriff County of Kern County. Nearly two hours later a deputy saw the suspect's car and began the chase. According to AP , the suspect fired at least 10 times from a Dodge Dart black and tried to hit the road vehicles . However, none of the drivers were injured. The chase lasted more than 40 minutes. Inside the car was a man and a woman inside the trunk. In the end, the man stopped and began firing into the trunk. Seven officers opened fire on him , killing him. The hostages were taken to a hospital and his condition is unknown. The suspect apparently knew all of his victims . In the original scene of the crime, in the city of Ridgecrest , a woman was found dead and a man injured, Youngblood said . During the phone call to the sheriff's office said the man also had a package that would deliver to the police. Investigators recovered a shotgun and a pistol. The Mayor of Ridgescrest , Dan Clark , called the incident disturbing , especially since the small town is relatively quiet and free of crime . A few days ago two agents Sonoma County in northern California shot and killed a 13 year old guy , after telling several times to drop a gun , which turned out to be a replica assault rifle , police and relatives said of the victim.

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