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CCTV Video Santa Barbara California Drive By Shooting

A gunman carried out a shooting at a university and entertainment area of Isla Vista , Santa Barbara , California , killing seven people dead, including the attacker. According to the website of Fox News, the researchers believe that the gunman was driving a black BMW, and that he acted alone , sowing terror in an area near the University of California area. Brown , sheriff of Santa Barbara County , confirmed at a press conference Saturday morning killed seven people after the fact , including the attacker . The evidence, according to the official , indicates that it was a "premeditated mass murder ." The dead man killed the other dead and wounded seven others who had to be hospitalized , one of which is in serious condition , according to Brown, who explained that there were nine different crime scenes is . In the past 20 years more than 60 killings with firearms in the United Unidos.Estos have occurred are the ten most violent that marked history in the country . Brown said the author of multiple murder was a "seriously disturbed " man. The author was found dead as a result of a gunshot wound inside the car , from which , according to eyewitnesses, fired as he walked the streets of the area, according to local news channel Keyt . A semiautomatic weapon was found at the scene , according to Brown , who said that for now it is not known if the suspect was fatally shot by police officers , who exchanged fire with , or committed suicide. The police chief declined to confirm or deny the possibility that the attack is linked to a video circulating on the Internet , showing a man throwing threats feeling rejected by a woman , according to the media .

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