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Manuel Hurricane makes landfall in Sinaloa

Manuel , degraded Thursday afternoon to a tropical storm killed at least 100,000 people living in 90 communities without so far are reported killed or missing, the state governor , Mario Lopez Valdez . When submitting a preliminary report of damage caused by the cyclone at a meeting of civil protection, the president said he called the emergency declaration for five counties reported major damage : Culiacan , Navolato, Angostura , Mocorito and Salvador Alvarado. The commander of the Ninth Military Zone, Miguel Angel Hurtado Ochoa , said that the emergency plan DNIII applies statewide . He explained that so far there are 250 people evacuated from communities Yameto , Altata and other Navolato and mobilized over Riviera, the Reformation and Playa Colorada , " whose evaluation has yet to be estimated ." Until this afternoon , did not record cuts Sinaloa highways pass through the state , but some have affected growing step by Mexico 15 , stretch - Los Mochis and Culiacan at kilometer 76 of the highway Benito Juarez , according to the director of the Center the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation , Hector Raul Garcia . The Mazatlán and Los Mochis are open and in use, " in Culiacan, commercially but operationally closed , suspended five flights of Aeromexico , two of Volaris , Interjet and another one of Calafia " , according to Garcia . Mazatlan International Airport , which like that of Culiacan is operated by North Central Airport Group remains normal activities . Meanwhile, the Federal Airport Fort Valley serving Los Mochis not registered encumbrances , Pacific Airport Group reported . The effects of Manuel reached Thursday morning to Culiacan , the state capital , which dawned with strong wind gusts that caused the power cut in several areas of the city as well as in neighboring Navolato . The local superintendent Federal Electricity Commission reported until 7:30 pm (local ) on Thursday some 45,000 users without power , mainly in Culiacan and Navolato

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