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Pedro Oliva sailing near Kilauea volcano when it is erupting

The Kilauea volcano is one of five that make up the island of Hawaii and one of the largest in the entire planet has a height of more than a thousand meters, a depth of 165 meters and a diameter of about three to five miles. The Kilauea volcano is one that is constantly active and is located inside a lava lake, which attracts locals and visitors from the region, who are close to him year after year to witness a unparalleled natural phenomenon. An expedition led by Brazilian Pedro Oliva this volcano has left everyone speechless, it has launched a new challenge in the world of extreme sports. Pedro Oliva, in the company of some friends, he undertook a trip to Hawaii to explore the volcano from within. That is why from a kayak, Peter and his companions took to the mouth of Kilauea to navigate its river of lava and rocks solidified walk there from the same material. A video camera caught wearing them any time of the adventure of this group of hikers Brazilians. "When I was near the lava could not reach into the water because I was literally boiling the'd burned; hope people do not see the pictures and think that this is safe"

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