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Process to elect a New Pope

1 - The age limit of a cardinal to participate in an election is 80 years and the maximum number of cardinal electors is 120. 2 - The Cardinals enter into conclave 15 days minimum to 20 days maximum after resignation 3 - The cardinal electors remain isolated, but assisted by a cook and a doctor. 4 - The Cardinals are not entitled to vote for themselves and each must swear to respect the secrecy of the vote and accept the result. 5 - The vote takes place in the Sistine Chapel with two morning and two afternoon ballots. 6 - The ballots are burned and the cardinal chosen is one that gets the most. 7 - When the outcome is achieved, the dean of the cardinals to elect asks if you agree and, if so, it is automatically named Pope. 8 - The new Pope announces the name chosen as pope. 9 - The result of the vote is communicated through a smoke to Catholics who hope in the Plaza de San Pedro. 10 - If the smoke is black means that no elected and white smoke indicates a new pontiff.

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