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The first words of Jorge Mario Bergoglio Francis I after his election as the new Pope

Metanews: The Argentine Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, 76, is the new Pope of the Catholic Church, as announced by the first cardinal deacons (Protodeacon), Frenchman Jean-Louis Tauran, on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. The new pope assumed the papacy under the name of Francis I. Chemical training, Bergoglio was not among the favorites in the pools before and is the first non-European pope, but comes from the continent that brings together Catholics today. Your choice, as in the past conclaves, has been swift: the chimney of the Sistine Chapel has issued a white smoke at 19.06 hours on Wednesday, just over 25 hours after the first ballot and in the fifth round votes, one more than were necessary for the election of Benedict XVI. Surprise among pilgrims White smoke has surprised thousands of faithful waiting in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, that given time, they hoped that the election would take place since Thursday. They note, feels, the pope is present Seeing fumata, hundreds of voices in many different languages have begun to exclaim the expected word: "White!. And thereupon chanting" We Have a Pope! and "You can see, feel, the pope is present". The excitement and speculation in any case, remain among the pilgrims, waiting to know the name of the new pope elected, they must meet the established ritual. The rite of the new pontiff Occur immediately after the canonical election, the last of the cardinal deacons, American James Harvey, called the Sistine Chapel to the Secretary of the College of Cardinals, the Master of Ceremonies and two Liturgical Celebrations, Efe reported. Since the Cardinal Dean, Angelo Sodano, and the Dean, Roger Etchegaray, do not participate in the conclave for having more than 80 years, in charge of asking the pope to be elected if he accepts or not the Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, who chaired the meeting. Cardinal Re, on behalf of all voters, calls for consensus choice with the following sentence: "canonize tea electionem Acceptasne factam in summum Pontificem? (Do you accept your canonical election as Supreme Pontiff?). Again the answer given yes, he asks: "Quo nomine vis vocari?" ("By what name you want to be called.") The Pope replied: "Vocabor ..." (I'll call ...). After accepting-this time as the 266-successor of the Apostle Peter, the cardinal chosen happened to existing small room to the left of the main altar of the Sistine Chapel, under Michelangelo's Last Judgment. In the sacristy, known as the "room of tears" for which they have poured into it over the newly elected popes story, meditate alone and wears one of three white cassocks find prepared. Already dressed in white, the new pontiff returned to the Sistine Chapel, where he is greeted with prolonged applause by the cardinals, one by one come to present their obedience. Then Protodeacon will appear at the lodge of the blessings of the basilica of St. Peter's Basilica and announced to the people the election of the new Pope with these words: "Annuntio vobis gauidium magnum, We Have a Pope: ac Eminetissimum revenderissimum dominum Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae cardinalem [name of Pope] qui sibi nomen imposuit [name of Pope]. " "I announce to you a great joy, we have Pope: The Most Eminent and Reverend [name] Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, which has followed the name [name of Pope]." The new pope will deliver his first words to the faithful and impart the blessing Urbi et Orbi.

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