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London 2012 Michael Phelps Wins Gold in 100Meter Butterfly

Michael Phelps has ended his individual Olympic career on a high note ... with a yet another gold medal. Phelps edged the field in the 100-meter butterfly overcoming his defeat in the 200-meter butterfly earlier in the week to get his 3rd gold medal of the 2012 London games and 17th gold overall. Phelps's win in the 200-meter IM on Thursday made him the first male swimmer to win the same event at three successive Olympics. Though his individual racing career may be over, Phelps has one last chance to add to his unprecedented 21 Olympic-medal count on Saturday at the 400-meter medley relay, before retiring from the sport completely. Don't feel too bad for Michael Phelps, though; rumor has it multimillion-dollar broadcasting deals are awaiting the most decorated Olympian ever.

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