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Dog Bites News Anchor Kyle Dyer On Live TV

A dog rescued from an icy pond in the US may be put down after it bit a news anchor during a live television interview. Kyle Dyer was rushed to hospital after being bitten by Max, an Argentine Mastiff, on a Colorado's 9NEWS morning program on Wednesday morning. Max was on the show after being pulled from a freezing reservoir by a firefighter on Tuesday after it fell through the ice while chasing a coyote. Dyer suffering bite wounds to her face and is in a "fair condition" at Denver Health Medical Centre. "I just adore dogs, but I'm especially happy to meet you after your story yesterday," Dyer said to the mastiff as she patted him during the interview. "You're gorgeous." As the interview ended Dyer leaned in towards Max in a show of affection but the dog bared its teeth and snapped at the news anchor before owner Michael Robinson was able to restrain it. "So you may have seen Kyle get bit by the dog in the 7am hour," co-anchor Gary Shapiro wrote on Facebook. "All we know for sure is that he got her on the lip, and she's being treated for the injury at the hospital." Max's owner will be cited for leash law violations, not having control of the dog and not vaccinating it for rabies. The animal is not showing signs of rabies but may be put down anyway. Colorado television station 9NEWS is not affiliated with Australia's Nine Network or ninemsn.

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