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Girl Throws Puppies In River (Video) - Stronger Animal Cruelty Legislation Needed

On a video clip that is only the latest in viral animal cruelty, a girl throws six puppies in to a river. The girl is young, probably a teenager or in her twenties, and does not seem to have the slightest misgivings about pulling the poor creatures one by one from a bucket and hurling them into the middle of a choppy river. These puppies were very small, and it doesn't look like they were likely to survive. What... the heck... is wrong with people? Just within the past couple weeks, there was another viral video of a woman chucking an innocent cat into a big garbage bin and closing the lid (the cats owners would find their pet a half a day later, and the perpetrator was arrested). There is apparently an effort right now to find the girl and bring her to justice, but that will be difficult since no one seems to even know from what country the video originated. Some reports posit that she may be in Bosnia or Croatia. This goes to show that many countries are sorely in need in stronger laws against animal cruelty. It was appalling to see, right here America, NFL star Michael Vick serve only 21 months in prison for the extreme cruelty he committed on many dogs over the course of years. In fact, the stuff he did makes this girl look like an animal lover. That isn't to say that every case of pet-owner neglect warrants jail time. But our laws should be strong enough that people know that they will be jailed for years if they sadistically torture or kill defenseless animals who are entrusted to their care. Here's hoping that people around the world develop a greater sense of compassion for animals! You don't have to believe that "animals are people too" in order to respect their right to live. Here is a link to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It's a great organization and they could use all our support.

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