Martial Law and the United States 2012 Part 55

Let's just assume its a forgone conclusion the American Economy is going to crash. Do you know what happens when the dollar holds no value? It means you can not buy anything nor exchange anything for it. Go watch the ending of Gone with the Wind and see what a trunk full of confederate money got them. Nothing. When social services collapses, shortages of food production, contamination of water reserves and the municipal services that we take for granted can no longer be maintained, mass hysteria accompanied with looting will arise next. Who are they going to call? Bingo, the U.S. Military who will implore the use of Martial Law in the form of a state of emergency. If you are in the military around the time of the apocalypse, there are some things you should think about rather than maintaining your post. No matter how justified you may feel about putting down an uprising just know another soldier in your homes state is doing the same to your friends and family. Without question or need for proof during a state of emergency anything can happen as the panic and chaos escalates. You can shoot any body or anything if you feel it necessary or can give your word there was no other way. A police state uses deadly force to hold its functioning body of government together. The United States is not different than any dictatorship when it comes to maintaining control and its governing power. Just remember who has the guns and who doesn't. Instead of worrying about some dregs stealing food and water you need to worry about who is protecting your family. I can assure you when people are faced with life and death we are no different than rats. What you wouldn't do in normal circumstances changes drastically. Survival is built into our genetic code and it is the very reason we have continued to exist. The problem arises when these same humans posses personal flaws that cause them to prey on others with their own self gratification. While you are standing post policing a city or district you have never been to before just know your loved ones are in danger back home. Would you rather trust a soldier from another part of the country, let alone the world protect whats yours? This has always been the problem with government, they institutionalizing that you can not take care of you and yours but has to be done for you. Right now someone with questionable inabilities to contain his desires could be preying upon your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, niece, cousin or dearest friend. Rape and molestation always accompany chaos when society breaks down. Will you stand a post or fight to protect your own? Riot Police Prepare Their Beer Hall Putsch When people who actually dd work no longer have jobs to go to they will turn to gathering in the streets along with the people who never did work but depended on those who did work to provide for them. The dead beats who couldn't take care of themselves now follow those who contributed to society before the government ran them into the fucking ground for leadership. This new classless society now organizes protests against t a government who now only represents its own greed and corruption. The government now uses the last of its funds to maintain a police force to disperse the forming protesters in an attempt to show control by beating back calls for change, real change, change that is not on a poster or in a clever speech but change that exists in a fist, club, bat, fire arm and determination. Martial Law Breaks The Symbol Of American Democracy As the protests from Americans and perhaps citizens around the world begin to be brutally put down martial law will be enacted. Laws will be passed prohibiting the gathering of people until the state of emergency is lifted. Much like the war on poverty, this emergency will never end and it too will be a business run by the government only this time there will be no tax dollars to support it. What was once a peaceful demonstration has been brutally put down and caused others witnessing it to form violent uprisings. The police and municipalities will be over run by the shear numbers of what would later be called patriots. Revolution Rises From The Veins Of Patriot Descendants As elements of the military as well as whats left over from shattered police forces begin to use deadly force against its own people a great divide will cascade. Military leaders will begin to disobey orders coming from the corrupt din of self interest located in Washington DC. Troops fearing their loved ones in other states are being bitterly molested by other soldiers will begin to abandon their posts in droves. Military leaders will begin to defect to the cause of Revolution inspired by General Washington of long and descend on the nations capital. The only ones who will fight against the ever growing Patriot movement will be those politicians and soldiers who have committed atrocities they can now no longer walk away from without penalty. A Military Leader Takes A Stand As more and more military leaders join the cause of Revolution in the form of 1776 citizens by the hundreds of thousands began to tear down all symbols of oppression. Apathy is no longer institutionalized in the hearts of these American who now see the truth. Out of fear of the growing mob of patriots, leaders from all forces will start to either join their ranks or lay down their arms. Washington and its decadence of elitists will now face the repercussion of the French Revolution if they were foolish enough to stay. The rag tag forces of neo patriots rally behind the first military leader to vocally defect against the tyrannical government as the symbol of freedom as General Washington once did. This leader will inspire the old history as it was left to repeat itself. This leader will be the lynch pin of reform and proactively encourage the mentality of self reliance that will take our people from Earth to one day beyond our own Star.

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