Gagaween Costume DIY Guide

First look: Gaga with turquoise hair. This is one of the easiest looks to pull off. First off, visit your local Halloween superstore or even Walmart to find the Gaga turquoise washable hair dye, or spend a little extra for the turquoise wig. Don't fret if you can't find this hairstyle—remember Gaga wore her hair super long and extra short in this color as well-so it will all work. Next is the blazer. Browse Salvation Army or Goodwill for a royal blue one like this, but if all else fails, every girl has a black blazer in their closet! Pair it with a lacy black bra and some funky leggings, like these ones we found at onlyleggings.com. Second look, Jo Calderone...also relatively simple. Visit a Halloween superstore to find a wig like this one from Party City, and just mess up the front to emulate Jo's look. Then pick up a men's suit from a second hand store, pair it with a grubby t-shirt and menswear shoes which are actually trendy right now for women and can be found everywhere! To get a little more creative, get a friend to dress as Gaga and go out together as a couple! Third look, Gaga's outfit at MTV Japan. This requires more effort, do-it-yourselfers. First off, if you don't have blond hair, buy one like this and cut the bangs super short and pull the rest up in two buns. Purchase a black beret like this one from H&M and fashion with pins on one side. Next, try second hand stores for a leather vest, or leather jacket you can cut the sleeves off of. Then visit Michaels to find gold and silver grommets and start hot glue gunning! The same goes for the footwear too. While we don't expect you to trick or treat in anything that tall, try something more manageable like these wedges from Forever 21 for 30 bucks that you can bedazzle as well. Pair with black tights or leggings. The makeup will be the toughest part-try purchasing stage or Halloween makeup rather than using your own, especially for the black middle section. Finish off with red lipstick and you're done! Fourth look-Gaga's Mugler fashion show wardrobe. Start with as long a blonde wig as possible, like this one from Party City. Then pair a white corset like this Victorias Secret one with a sheer white shirt like this American Apparel one. Then either purchase a long white skirt, or even easier, enough fabric to wrap around to do a makeshift one! The makeup is pretty straightforward—just red lips and super black eyes. The hardest part will be the headpiece—if you're not into making a plaster of Paris, then just do an oversized floppy sunhat and people will get the idea! Fifth and final look, Yuyi the mermaid! This costume is definitely the most daring, and may just win you Best Dressed at your Halloween bash! Start with the same hair dye or wig as we mentioned earlier, and lather it up with hair gel and hairspray to make it appear wet. Makeup is minimal—dark red lips, zero eye makeup, and drawn on gills on the cheekbones and neck. The tough part is going to be finding a mermaid tail—but this one from CostumeSuper Center.com is 2-piece, so it's perfect! And there you have it guys—5 do it yourself Gaga Halloween costumes. Let us know what you think and if you'll be trying any of these out, or another Gaga look for Fright Night! Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, and we'll see you next time.

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